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Maya 2008 Essential Training

Maya 2008 Essential Training (DVD-ROM)

As one of the most advanced 3-D modeling, animation, and rendering packages on the market, Maya 2008 is used extensively in feature films, broadcast, motions graphics, and design. In Maya 2008 Essential Training, animation director and producer George Maestri covers all areas of Maya. From general workflow to manipulating objects, modeling, rendering, paint effects, and animating, these tutorials are ideal for those who quickly need to get up to speed on Maya, whether at the professional or novice 3-D animation level. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.

Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training

Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training (DVD-ROM)

In Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training, instructor Garrick Chow delves into the many powerful features of the latest version of this powerful web design application. He covers everything from the simplest basics of using Dreamweaver CS3 to applying it to develop a fully interactive, accessible site. Garrick explains the new interface features, and demonstrates how to create, edit, manage, design, and publish a professional website with Dreamweaver CS3 and complementary applications. Exercise files accompany the training.